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Michael Teague
Brilliant - will be buying again!

Ordered the 13.5 - 70 set for my baritone. the 30 inch scale length makes it hard to come by strings that are long enough but these are perfect. They arrived promptly and beautifully packaged. Performance wise they feel and sound great - I will definitely be buying again and look forward to experimenting with the vast range of gauges on offer. Thanks Tom!

Beautifully strong and clear strings.

They sound incredible on my Jackson 8 string. The best strings I've ever bought, will definitely be buying more in the future.

Best strings I've used

I bought a set of 90-19w for my ibanez src6. It's a very strange instrument as it's a cross between an bass and guitar with a 30" scale length and therefore needs a very hard to find set of strings.

The Winspear set I bought are perfect, far better guage than anything I've tried before. Strings that other companies offer are either too heavy on the top and are hard to bend or they are too thin and short baritone strings.

The 90-19w set is great. I can get both great tones treating my instrument like either a bass or a down tuned guitar with these Winspear strings. It covered all the sounds I want with perfect playability.

Even if we ignore the vast range of string guages available, the strings themselves feel superior build quality to other strings I have used. I will now be buying from Winspear for my standard tuned guitar and my bassVI styled instrument. The pelectrum I bought is good too. It's a shame there are not any strings available here for regular scale 4 or 5 string basses.

Finally some options

As most baritone owners know, the selection of string gauges for scale lengths beyond 27" is painfully small. This is the second time I ordered strings from Winspear and it's finally possible to appreciate the changes in timbre and playability between different gauges. It allowed me to find a happy medium between a bright, snappy attack and harmonically rich sustain.

Fair price and most importantly no more customs fee for EU, which was what held me back from ordering more sets after my first ones.

Klaus Hämmerle
Great Balanced Custom Set for my Baritone Open A Minor Tuning

I have used various standard baritone guitar string sets for my open A minor tuning on my Gretsch Electromatic Jet Baritones with Bigsby for more than a decade, and I wanted to try a more balanced customized set for this tuning. So I decided to give the Winspear custom string service a try. This set is a huge step forward and I will definitely order more.



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