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Winspear Instrumental Company are proud to provide the strings of choice for your instrument.

Plain steel trebles meet nicklewound hexcore basses to provide a traditional and trusted sound, but that's where tradition ends.  Familiar selections have been carefully overhauled in search of the perfect feel, improving the balance to serve you dependable tone and response no matter how hard you play.

Through our wide selection of standard and drop tuned sets for all preferences of feel and tuning, you can rely on a perfectly consistent feel for bends, vibrato, chords and heavy riffing alike - coupled with tuning stability and string life you can trust.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Optimised String Sets

A traditional tension spread from high to low, fine tuned for a perfect balance in either standard or drop tuning setups.

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Single Strings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Most amazing strings i've ever played

I've ordered 2 sets of 9-90 for my Ibanez RGA8 and it was, by far, the most amazing strings i've ever played. So comfortable, agressive tone and very good balance. I love those strings and I recommend you to buy those beauties.

String of choice

Winspear strings feel and sound great, retaining their brightness very well, while I'm pretty abusive on strings, it just suits me fine. All comes with great packaging ideas! I think I'm just going to stick with this brand.

Jedwab, perfect balance

Perfect strings, balanced sound, feel the work at hand. This is my first contact with Winspear, I swear not the last. I recommend to fellow guitarists with a clear conscience. first set 10-48

An excellent and balanced set of strings for drop tunings

Just got through my first set of 10.5-58 for Drop C and I gotta say these have been my favourite strings for this tuning! Very balanced feel compared to competitors plus the durability is great too. Just ordered two more sets cause they're superb!

Excellent strings

I usually use D'addario.
Frankly, find a set of 7 custom strings with the quality of NYXL, cheaper ... it's great ! The must, they stabilize immediately, first assembly and almost does not get off.
I recommend !!!



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