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Winspear Instrumental Company are proud to provide the strings of choice for your instrument.

Plain steel trebles meet nicklewound hexcore basses to provide a traditional and trusted sound, but that's where tradition ends.  Familiar selections have been carefully overhauled in search of the perfect feel, improving the balance to serve you dependable tone and response no matter how hard you play.

Through our wide selection of standard and drop tuned sets for all preferences of feel and tuning, you can rely on a perfectly consistent feel for bends, vibrato, chords and heavy riffing alike - coupled with tuning stability and string life you can trust.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Optimised String Sets

A traditional tension spread from high to low, fine tuned for a perfect balance in either standard or drop tuning setups.

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Single Strings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Absolutely phenomenal!

After years of using Daddario NYXL sets, I am happy to say that I've found my new favourite brand! I discovered Winspear when I found out about their picks and not long after that they started doing strings so I was more than keen to try both out! Highly recommended.

Plucked My Heart Strings

As a rather picky drop E player its not been the easiest to find playable strings of adequate gauges anywhere, regardless of cost. I'm very fortunate that Winspear provides not only such incredible strings that supersede every other set I've ever tried whilst away for the right sound, feel and accessibility, but does so so flexibly. With a product so perfect and malleable I've had the range of my guitar fully opened, and I can explore higher and lower with masses more confidence and reassurance than ever before, and save money for picks in the meanwhile!

Great Service And Product

After talking to Winspear about my needs and how I like my guitar set up they suggested the custom gauge 10.5 to 76 for my 7 string, so I went ahead and ordered a set. After two long band rehearsals and playing inbetween I have to say these strings have been superb out the box. They sounded great from the off and being a heavy handed player strings tend to die on my sooner than later but these strings are still going strong. Coming from using d'addario, I would highly recommend at least trying these strings because I certainly will be using them for my guitars now and going forward. Great customer service, arrived quickly and great product!!!


I'm constantly going between drop C and drop B on 25.5" scale and 24.75" scale guitars, and I never know what gauge I should buy other than my standard drop C set for 25.5" scale, and this calculator makes it painless! Thanks for putting this out there Tom!

Fantastic strings

I was interested to try out these strings as I was getting sick of tension spikes on other brand sets - these cure all those problems.

On top of that, they sound great, stay in tune and last a decent amount of time. I'll be purchasing all my strings from here for the foreseeable future.



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