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Winspear Instrumental Company are proud to provide the strings of choice for your instrument.

Plain steel trebles meet nicklewound hexcore basses to provide a traditional and trusted sound, but that's where tradition ends.  Familiar selections have been carefully overhauled in search of the perfect feel, improving the balance to serve you dependable tone and response no matter how hard you play.

Through our wide selection of standard and drop tuned sets for all preferences of feel and tuning, you can rely on a perfectly consistent feel for bends, vibrato, chords and heavy riffing alike - coupled with tuning stability and string life you can trust.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Optimised String Sets

A traditional tension spread from high to low, fine tuned for a perfect balance in either standard or drop tuning setups.

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Single Strings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Fantastic experience - my new go to strings!

I am a picky guy. The kind that blows string tension calculators and can pay more for a custom set for a string that’s 0.02 smaller than the default one. Not just the tension but the size, I do look for the differences in gauge and tension across strings etc.

Add a 7 string guitar and we’ve got trouble! Winspear strings are just great. Bright without being abrasive, long lasting and with a very good gauge design.

I’ve followed Tom’s work closely over the years and after 2 year hiatus on guitar his strings were the first thing I was looking for.

Can totally recommend, and the subscription service is super handy and easy to manage. Thanks a lot Tom!!

Baritone and 7 strings sets (multiscale)

I mainly use Winspear strings to get awesome quality strings with the right tension for my baritones and 7 strings guitars. Big companies don't have the flexibility that you can get here (create custom sets, order a single string).
And on top of that the quality is awesome and Tom is a really nice guy running a family business :)

Fresh sets!

Really bright and well balanced.
I’ve recently started plain after a long hiatus and after burning through my slinky stocks I decided to indulge. The life of the strings is fantastic too and they keep up with my excessive bends with ease!

No-brainer for any 8-string user

Spent years looking for a balanced 8-string set for Drop E until the NYXL 09-80 set came along a couple of years ago. Now these feel every bit as good, but Tom charges half the price so I can afford to restring as often as I actually ought to now. Switching to Winspear exclusively now.

Packaging is superb as well, as the set that I had sitting in their box for 6 months feels identical to the set I bought the other week.

Using the 09-80 standards on two 8-strings in drop E; one multiscale (26-29"), the other straight scale (27").

Perfect for your extended range needs

Using drop tuned 7 and 8 string guitars, I was always having to mix and match sets from Ernie Ball and D'Addario which increasingly meant having to buy 2 or 3 sets just to get the combo I wanted. In addition, it is a nightmare having to order from retailers a certain obscure string gauge. Winspear strings are optimised for every tuning under the sun with the heaviest of gauges in existence. 8 string in drop G, I use the 8.5-72 set and for a 7 string in drop E I use 11-80.
Plenty of power and life to the strings too. I only use the cheapest strings so they are not engineered to last longer and am pleasantly surprised at the longevity of these. Thanks to the Winspear family for providing strings for the extended range players!



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