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Stealth Series

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Mini Shiv - 22x25mm

Shiv - 25x29mm

Broadsword - 25x32mm

Battleaxe - 35x38mm

Longsword - 27x33mm

Shuriken - 32x32mm / 27x27mm (mini)

My Stealth series plectrums are made from an advanced PEEK composite. As well as containing carbon fiber for rigidity, Stealth picks have self-lubricating properties provided by graphite** and PTFE. With a heavy almost stone-like feel in hand and a lightly textured grip surface, the Stealth series is incredibly comfortable to use. The highly polished beveled edges and material composition ensures effortless playing and provides the ultimate tonal balance – plenty of attack and clarity whilst remaining full and smooth.

**Stealth series can leave graphite dust residue on hands and instrument after a long session – easily removable. Not recommend for bass guitar as their rigidity will accelerate wear with heavy gauges.

The thickness of these picks encourages a more relaxed grip whilst delivering a weightier attack with less effort. Due to the tapered ergonomic design, they feel significantly smaller and less cumbersome than the thickness measurement may imply. With smooth beveled edges and a precise sharp tip, Winspear Picks give a precise playing experience and glide over the strings effortlessly. Featuring a metal logo inlay for further grip increase.

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