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Fountainhead Signature Shiv

  • Made from the very tough Ultem material, the Fountainhead signature pick takes the already grippy best seller, the Amber Standard Shiv, enhancing it with an aggressive grip knurling to both sides and finishing off with a two-sided, hand painted Fountainhead logo engraving. Polished bevelled edges and a subtle taper from 2-1mm provide a comfortable and firm playing experience, with flexibility only where it counts - the incredibly sharp tip. Together we have created a pick worthy of one of todays most formidable guitarists.
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    "I´m extremely excited to be working with Winspear to present to you the Fountainhead signature guitar pick.
    Over the years I´ve tried all the big brands, all the classic picks and shapes, without ever feeling completely satisfied with any of them.
    Some suited my needs more than others, but even with the best ones, you would find me carving them up with kitchen knifes before shows and or other secret tricks. Not anymore - with the Fountainhead signature, Winspear have created the perfect pick for me, which combines tone, durability, extreme grip, and a design to die for into one deathly package.

    Now I´m just asking myself - How could I live without these picks for so long?"

    -Tom 'Fountainhead' Geldschläger

    (Fountainhead, ex-Obscura, Defeated Sanity, Pitts/Minnemann Project, Amogh Symphony)

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    Beautifully constructed and phenomenal packaging

    Not much else i can say really, it's more than worth the price, I'm glad to not be using cheap thin plastic picks anymore.


    The best pick on the market


    Fantastic picks. I'm going to by a stock of these

    Fountainhead Tapered Brass Shiv 2.4mm makes my 6 string sound like a beefy 7/8 string. (Tone Demo...

    Got this Metalic bad boi guitar pick for my 25.5 scale 6 string as I tend to use 12 - 76 for Drop B down to tunings as low as a Drop E Octave Tuning. I knew the metalic plectrum would improve that higher clanky bright tone and clarity from my guitar. giving it a closer tonality to a 7 string, I also was aware from experimenting with non metalic picks that a thicker plectrum (usually between the 2-3mm range gave the low and mid range a good beefy umph and punch which I really love. so... put the two together... and I think I TURNED MY 6 STRING INTO A DAMNED 7/8 STRING. like... the tones I am managing to get with this pick and dialing in just right... it's really impressing me... and my guitar is nothing special either, a cheap second hand ibanez grg with stock pickups. I got it for 75 quid in 2020... if you know what to use, you really can make almost any guitar sound amazing and this really got me closer to what I was looking for in my tone.

    linked below is an audio of me testing one of the tones I managed to get using this pick to emphasize that brigther clanky clear tonality which my flimy 6 string guitar was missing before, I could still play around with the tone a bit but It's pretty decent as is. I'd only make very minor adjustments to the low end and that's about it.


    Phenomenal picks and grip that holds near perfect for fast playing when usually my grip would slip due to hand moisture



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