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Winspear Instrumental Company are proud to provide the strings of choice for your instrument.

Plain steel trebles meet nicklewound hexcore basses to provide a traditional and trusted sound, but that's where tradition ends.  Familiar selections have been carefully overhauled in search of the perfect feel, improving the balance to serve you dependable tone and response no matter how hard you play.

Through our wide selection of standard and drop tuned sets for all preferences of feel and tuning, you can rely on a perfectly consistent feel for bends, vibrato, chords and heavy riffing alike - coupled with tuning stability and string life you can trust.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Optimised String Sets

A traditional tension spread from high to low, fine tuned for a perfect balance in either standard or drop tuning setups.

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Single Strings

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Customer Reviews

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Dom Venturini
I have made the move

I used other string brands for 20 years and I ended up taking the plunge with Winspear and after using them now for 6 months evey single one of my guitars is Winspear equipped.
They stay fresher longer, they have the logic defying ability to hold tuning better due to the core vs. wind ratio difference and they FEEL incredible, pinch harms, vibrato are all so smooth and yet rhythms are so tight.
I cannot recommend Tom's hard work, fantastic brand & gold standard customer service enough. 10/10

Jack Clegg
Amazing quality strings!

After playing the most well-known string companies strings for 20 years, a friend recommended Winspear to me as I had just bought my first 7 string and needed a certain guage set. Bought the 10.5 - 68 and they play amazing and are still bright after quite a while of medium use, whereas I would've had to change the normal strings I use by now. I have recommended them to another friend and he is impressed too! 5 stars! Wont be ordering from anywhere else

The Best.

Super clear and bright, last forever and take a beating. I stopped looking for the right strings after trying my first set of these, these strings are next level goodness. They hold up to real heavy picking, and maintain that freshness for much longer than other sets I've tried. The clarity in both higher and lower range is excellent. Infinite chugs, super spanky, great sustain and harmonics, shred on these ones all day long. I highly, highly recommend picking up a set, particulary for extended range / baritone setups.

Jack Devanney
Hands down best strings I've used

Strings at this price point have no business being as excellent as they are. Perfect tension, perfect balance, perfect feel, perfect tuning stability. Particularly apparent in low tunings - I'm currently using the 10-70 7 string set on a 25.5" guitar in drop A and the stability and balance, both in tone and feel, is unparalleled. I cannot recommend this company highly enough.

Dan Jago
The only strings you need for extended range !

I've been using winspear for around a year , after picking up a pack on a whim whilst buying a few picks I have never looked back. I'm predominantly an 8 string player and finding strings I like has been an issue to say the least , the optimized sets for tunning are a dream ! I tune to drop E on one guitar and the 80-10 set are everything I need for a thick consitant tone !



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