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Winspear Instrumental Company are proud to provide the strings of choice for your instrument.

Plain steel trebles meet nicklewound hexcore basses to provide a traditional and trusted sound, but that's where tradition ends.  Familiar selections have been carefully overhauled in search of the perfect feel, improving the balance to serve you dependable tone and response no matter how hard you play.

Through our wide selection of standard and drop tuned sets for all preferences of feel and tuning, you can rely on a perfectly consistent feel for bends, vibrato, chords and heavy riffing alike - coupled with tuning stability and string life you can trust.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Optimised String Sets

A traditional tension spread from high to low, fine tuned for a perfect balance in either standard or drop tuning setups.

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Single Strings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Great sets of strings

Great sets of strings with a huge selection of gauges. I'm particularly loving the 7 strings 12-76 set, I find the .76 gauge perfect for F# on a 27" baritone.
By the way, the packaging is sick, thanks Tom! :)

String pack 6 and 7

I'm in France and despite the customs fees because of the Brexit, I'm still taking my strings from Tom's.
His strings have a great bounce and snap with a good life span.
The big plus is the choice of different sets ! unique and not found elsewhere !
Moreover, Tom is a really nice guy !

Amazing Strings!

Before I'd have to buy multiple string sets for my 8 string fanned-fret guitar to get the correct gauges that I liked (sometimes 2 separate brands) but with the wide range of gauges I no longer need to do this to get the right set. Strings are great quality and I love the hand-made feel of the packaging, don't think I will be going back to my previous method of getting the right strings after using these.

Ashley Scott
Forget all everything else.

I’ve struggled to find a balanced string set for my 25.5 scale 7 string guitars so I made the switch to Winspear’s after a friend highly recommended them to me, and honestly after my initial skepticism, I was thoroughly impressed. The tuning stability, perfectly balanced tensions and tonal quality are amazing! Plus they’re cheaper than what I was using before. Fantastic strings!

Steve Tolloczko
Never looking back!

I’m fairly new to the Baritone world, and after using Ernie Ball for years on my regular scale guitars, I found it pretty difficult to find gauges that would cover my needs at a reasonable price. I was recommended Winspear by members of the Baritone Obsessed Facebook group so decided to purchase some for my newest 28.5” build as well as my PRS SE 277. Tom was incredibly helpful over email prior to purchasing, recommending a set that would suit the tension I require, and they arrived the next day after ordering. I restrung the PRS and wow... I never realised that strings could have such an affect on tone...these strings make my Ernie ball guitars sound awful in comparison. Not only is the price great and the service incredible, they sound unbelievable too. I won’t be buying any other strings from now on, and will be ordering some for my regular scale guitars soon too. Thanks!



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