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  • Evile Signature Picks

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    Winspear are proud to arm the stringed trio of Evile with three new signature models ahead of their new studio album. Built on our Amber Standard series, these picks provide a bright tone and full attack with an increase in clarity, complete with great wear resistance. Features a rounded over tip transition and bold, deep grippy logo engraving. Colour may vary from grey to yellow.

    (Adam Rhy. Guitar) Shiv - 25x29mm - 1.5mm thick

    (Joel Bass) Shuriken - 32x32mm - 1mm thick

    (OL Vox/Lead Guitar) Rake - 27.5x32mm - 1.2mm thick (Based on our popular Broadsword with wider shoulders and a very slightly rounder tip) 

    "I recently became a member of the Carillion Guitars family and when I opened the case I saw this swanky little package of guitar picks. I tried a few out and instantly fell in love with them; they were everything I'd been looking for in a pick. I'm used to a wider pick so we had to make some size adjustments but I couldn't be happier with the Rake. These aren't just promo picks for fans to buy, these are the picks I will be using from now on; not to mention the amazing Winspear strings I now use also! A big thank you to Tom!"-OL Drake

    "As a bassist I've always struggled to get picks that are the perfect size, yet provide the ideal attack I want on bass strings. After throwing a few measurements back and forth, Winspear came up with the perfect assualt weapon for the bass. Love em!"
    -Joel Graham

    "I’ve tried out many picks from many different brands over the years and nothing comes close to Winspear. There was always something missing, whether it was the grip or the durability. Winspear picks are premium quality with just the right size, texture, thickness and durability to withstand the extreme picking required for Evile riffs. I am delighted to have finally found the perfect pick and will be using these at all future Evile shows. Thanks again Tom!"
    -Adam Smith

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