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Winspear Pickups

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Photos coming soon. Now accepting early orders
Due for release end of May - Shipment may take a couple of weeks

Winspear are proud to enter a new era with the release of our pickups. We believe you will enjoy them every bit as much as we enjoyed perfecting them.

Winspear Pickups have been carefully engineered from the ground up to breathe new life into your instrument. Using almost all original parts, our pickups are manufactured with efficiency and elegance in mind, resulting in an extremely lightweight design. Vacuum chamber potting ensures a reliable performance free from microphonics.

We believe in honest marketing. It would be easy to reel off a list of guitar tone buzz-words to you, but the only way to know a pickup is to play it. Even recordings do not serve much purpose without fair and direct comparison to alternative options. (Though we will endeavour to bring you demos as soon as possible!)

Our first offering to you is a medium output (~13-16k) Alnico V humbucker set, delivering a PAF styled voicing developed with a focus on clarity.

We are confident you will love our pickups, and if you don't, we are just an email away. Thank you for considering Winspear Pickups as the heart of your tone.



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