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Buffalo Horn Gladius Elite

Buffalo Horn Gladius Elite

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Crafted from black buffalo horn, these picks provide a weighty attack with a smooth fundamental emphasis and excellent durability. The tips are bevelled soft and round before polishing to a high gloss for a comfortable playing experience. Finished off with our Irongrip machine knurled surface and engraved logo on both sides, these picks provide an incredible tactile grip. 

Dimensions: 28x31mm - 6-2.5mm ergonomic taper

The thickness of these picks encourages a more relaxed grip whilst delivering a weightier attack with less effort. Due to the tapered ergonomic design, they feel significantly smaller and less cumbersome than the thickness measurement may imply. With smooth beveled edges and a precise sharp tip, Winspear Picks give a precise playing experience and glide over the strings effortlessly. 

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