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Winspear Shiv Bundle

Winspear Shiv Bundle

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SAVE 10% when you try all six Shiv variations!

Photo out of date: Gold, Amber, and Stealth Shivs now feature engraved logos.

Dimensions: 25x29x4mm

Selling thousands of units worldwide, the ergonomic Shiv has proved to be the most popular Winspear pick since its inception three years ago. The Shiv takes a traditional small design - sharpening the tip for improved accuracy and applying my thicker, tapered ergonomic profile.

The thickness of these picks encourages a more relaxed grip whilst delivering a weightier attack with less effort. Due to the tapered ergonomic design, they feel significantly smaller and less cumbersome than the thickness may imply. With smooth polished beveled edges and a fine sharp tip, Winspear picks give a precise playing experience and glide over the strings effortlessly. Featuring a metal logo inlay for further grip increase.

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